English File gets you talking

The trusted English File series returns with more supportive features than ever before. The 4th Edition continues to build students’ communicative confidence, while teacher feedback from the Oxford Impact Study ensures that this edition is the most motivating yet.

CEFR A1, A1/A2, A2/B1, B1
(B2.1, B2.2 and C1 coming in 2020)

Authors: Christina Latham-Koening, Clive Oxenden, Jerry Lambert (Beginner-Intermediate), Kate Chomacki (Intermediate Plus, Upper-Intermediate, Advanced)

Forthcoming 2020


“THE BEST material for teaching English as a foreign language. The four skills are treated in a very communicative way.”

With the new 3-in-1 volume students can:

  • Student’s Book: Build confidence in class with English File’s perfect blend of Grammar, Vocabulary, and skills in every File.
  • Workbook: Activate knowledge immediately with Workbook activity pages that follow each File.
  • Online Practice: Look again at Student’s Book activities, do extra practice activities and check progress online. Speakers of Spanish tackle the areas of language that challenge them most with specific focus on the pronunciation, vocabulary and listening skills these learners find most difficult.

“The choice of materials reflects things that I myself find interesting and can put over with enthusiasm”

  • Enjoy teaching with brand new and timeless English File lessons.
  • Students learn in the way that interests them most with a huge variety of video – including a motivating drama series, documentaries and in the street interviews.

“The best thing is the variety of materials which I can adapt for myself.”


  • Unlock all of the teaching resources you need with Oxford Premium. Resources for English File for Spanish speakers include: Student’s Book and workbook audio, videos, audio scripts, answer keys, CEFR correlations, teaching notes, tests and wordlists, all stored in one place online for easy access.
  • Track and review students’ progress online with teacher’s access to Online Practice.

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    • Student’s Book and Workbook with Online Practice for Speakers of Spanish
    • Student’s Book/Workbook A and B Multi-Packs
    • Say It app for pronunciation practice


    • Teacher’s Guide with Teacher’s Resource Centre on Oxford Premium
    • Classroom Presentation Tool
    • Class Audio


Motivating Practical English videos follow characters Rob and Jenny, who model language in real-world situations.


English File 4th Ed. shines a spotlight on mediation throughout the course with helpful tips in the Teacher’s Guide and specific activities that work on mediation.


Strengthen learners’ skills with stellar supplementary materials.

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